Week 9 Recap – 5.28 & 5.29 – 2016

POTG_RAL_CHA Valerie L. Cason

Mischa, Mischa, Mischa! Despite a difficult road trip with two very close losses, #11 Mischa Freystaetter continues to dominate the field of play. Through nine games Mischa has an earth-shattering 61 goals, 26 more than the number two spot, and +82 in the Plus/Minus category, which also represents a 26 point lead over the second seat. The Cannons also have the top two assist leaders in the league in #14 Cole Sullivan (44) and # 80 Stephen Poulos (43).

However, the major difference this weekend was the absence of Bobby Ley, Tanner Repasky, Dustin Travaglini and James Dahl – not to mention Andrew McKelvey who is out with a bruised heel. This week’s bye offers an opportunity for rest, recovery and review of game film. Look for an energized and replenished roster coming into the June 11th home showdown against the #1 seed in the AUDL South, and the AUDL Power Rankings, the Dallas Roughnecks.