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The AUDL introduces new rules, foreign to the average Ultimate game, as well as a larger field and the introduction of referees. Here is a quick synopsis of the changes:

The Field

  • The field of play is a rectangular area 53 1/3 yards wide and 80 yards long with 20 yard end zones on either end.
  • Pylons shall be used to mark the corners of the playing field and the end zone.
  • All field lines shall be painted 4” wide.
  • A restraining line shall be established 6 yards from the outer perimeter of the entire playing area.

The AUDL Rules


  • The length of game shall be four quarters of 12 minutes each.
  • Halftime shall last 15 minutes.
  • Each team is allowed 2 time-outs per half.


  • There are seven players from each team on the field.
  • Up to 20 players on the active roster.
  • Each team may substitute an unlimited number of players only during a stoppage of play for a goal or called timeout.
  • A team scores a goal when a player catches a legal pass and makes contact with the ground in the end zone they are attacking.


  • A pull is the method of putting the disc into play at the beginning of each possession. The team pulling (throwing) the disc does so from their own goal line towards the other team at the other goal line.
  • The team on offense loses possession when a defender catches a pass, the disc touches the ground or anything out-of-bounds while in flight, or if the results of a penalty cause the offense to lose possession.
  • A player with possession of the disc may pivot while attempting a throw, but if the pivot foot is lifted, it is travelling on the thrower and a turnover at that spot.
  • A player has 7 seconds to throw the disc to a teammate, so long as a defender is within 10 feet of the player with possession of the disc. Failure to throw the disc after the 7 second stall count results in a loss of possession at the thrower’s spot.
  • A player shall not run with the disc. The receiver shall slow down to a stop as soon as possible after catching the disc and may not change his path of momentum while slowing down. Failure to do so results in a traveling violation and results in a 5-yard penalty against the offensive receiver.
  • A defender must maintain a disc diameter distance between himself and the thrower’s torso or pivot. A defender must allow a moving player the distance to stop when the offensive player catches a pass.


  • All overtime periods of play will be 5 minutes.
  • 5 minutes shall be permitted after the end of regulation prior to overtime.
  • Each team is allowed 1 timeout per overtime period.
  • A coin toss will determine who gets first choice between:
    -throwing or receiving the pull, or
    -which end zone to attack first. Click Here to download the AUDL Rulebook