Cannons Defeat Atlanta

PostWin Valerie L. Cason

The Cannons have done it again! Saturday’s win against Atlanta (29-27) makes four in a row and seven of the last eight. It was a true scorcher out, as temperatures flirted with the 100 degree mark. And it wouldn’t be Florida without a little lightning to go along with some 100 degree weather, which gave a much needed extended halftime to both teams. However, the difference in this game came well before half, when the Cannons took 3 points in a row with only 1:17 on the clock to end the first quarter. There was no looking back from that point, as the Cannons maintained a minimum 2 point lead for the duration of the game.

With only two games left in the regular season, the Cannons face another must-win situation against Atlanta for a rematch on Independence Day. Atlanta should expect Jacksonville to bring the heat, as the Cannons will be fully recovered, enjoying a bye this weekend. The rivalry between Florida and Georgia is part of Jacksonville’s history and tradition. As such, it’s fitting that the final playoff spot is likely to be decided by the American Ultimate Disc League ESPN3 Game of the Week on July 4th!