7-29-17 Recap


After a hard-fought season against some of the best teams of the league, the Jacksonville Cannons fell to the Dallas Roughnecks on the road in the first round of the South Division playoffs.

Conditions were warm with a decent amount of wind which definitely had an impact in the game, especially during the first quarter. The Cannons came out of the gate aggressively, attempting several deep shots that unfortunately sailed out of the sideline or back of the endzone. A variety of lineup changes were made to handle the transitions, and normally defensive players for this season such as Mischa Freystaetter and Chris LaRocque came into the offense. Players Tyler Kunsa and Andrew Roney added to the offensive line and worked the disc up the field with LaRocque. Despite the offensive turnovers and a very accurate and crisp Roughnecks throwing core, the game at half was 6-10, well within reach for a comeback. Fans no doubt remember the Roughnecks comeback during the last meeting in Texas, and the team kept their spirits high. Coach Tuba reminded his players: “Energy away from the disc. Composure with the disc.”


The second half start turned out to be a difficult one for the Cannons. The Roughnecks were successful in keeping up defensive pressure, forcing several more difficult throws and subsequent turnovers. Dallas quickly built up their lead, and, continuing with more lineup adjustments, traditionally offensive players such as Cole Sullivan came on as defenders, making several crucial blocks to keep the Cannons in the running. Bobby Ley was added to the offensive line and boosted offensive progress.

Even with several big turnovers on both sides, the game went quickly through most of the third and fourth quarters. The Roughnecks shifted to very safe offensive plays, eating up the clock and not allowing defensive threats such as Jakeem Polk to take possession. The Cannons were not able to force enough turnovers to eat away at the point deficit, and the game ended 22-12 Dallas Roughnecks. Mischa Freystaetter was the assists and goals stats leader, with 3 and 4 respectively. Tyler Kunsa led in completions with 33. Cole Sullivan on defense led in blocks with 2.

As our 2017 season comes to an end, we want to thank all our fans, sponsors, family, and supporters for our phenomenal season. Our sights are already set on next year! BOOM!