6-3-17 Recap


The Cannons fall to Raleigh by one goal for the second time this season. Playing the top ranked team in the nation is no easy task, especially on the road. This hard fought battle between two arch rivals was an incredible display of the best our sport has to offer.

Player of the Game, Andrew Roney, completed some absurd passes down the wire and finished the game with 7 assists, 2 goals and 1 block.

Bobby Ley added another 5 assists, 3 goals and a whopping 79 completions.

Cutting machine, Jordan Huston, who always seems to find the end zone at the right time, led the team with 7 goals.

At the conclusion of the game, the players displayed great mental fortitude. Circled up on the field, words by Michael Fairley, Chris LaRocque and others showed that this team continues to learn and grow with each game that goes by. And that despite falling short, the Cannons spirits are high and very much focused on making the playoffs.

Presently third in the division, the Cannons simply need to hold this position and a playoff birth will be earned.